We believe every time a consumer interacts with your brand it contributes to the overall attraction. Each touchpoint must be thriving to fully capitalize on a brand’s potential. Our Position, Expertise, Focus, Approach, Tools and Solutions are ways we create dimension around brands and redefine what can be achieved.


We’re positioned to challenge the norms in the ocean of promotional products companies. Here is how:

We provide insights and brand strategies like an agency and develop product collections that contain the DNA of our client’s brands.

There are thousands of promotional product vendors, providers and producers offering an almost unlimited assortment of things that may have nothing to do with a brand. That’s why we have positioned ourselves to serve our client as design-driven partners, providing innovative lifestyle collections.

From this position we create Dimensional Brand Experiences that support thriving Brand Ecosystems. By challenging industry norms and occasional house rules, we drive a new style and culture for our clients.


Our view of brands — how and where they exist and thrive — allows us to see the world differently. This is our sweet spot. This is what makes us experts at building brands. Through this outlook and the application of our methodologies, we discover ways to connect with the hearts & minds of consumers.

Opportunities to add dimensions to brands only exist in the space directly connected to the brand, its Habitat. This is Touchstone’s sweet spot, and we get here only through Bottom-up Engagement and studying the insights of brand stakeholders, fans, opponents, and outliers.

Without this approach, our competition sits outside the ecosystem in Outer Space. Brands cannot thrive in outer space, and attempts to connect with consumers with simple logo slapping will not be heard.


Design, Innovation and Engagement are the common threads of our culture and the people with whom we engage. When these elements overlap, we create unique Dimensional Brand Experiences that holistically change how we connect our clients to their audience.

We use design.
Design early, design often.

The design process of intentionally solving problems by creating something new is core to our work. We introduce design from the beginning of the conversation and use it through the entire process. Doing this results in radically effective solutions.

We are innovative.
Our focus on technology continues to deliver what’s next.

We break new ground in what brands can achieve by combining our ability to develop agile commerce solutions and online brand experiences with an extremely robust supply chain and manufacturers that share our vision for brand success.

We engage.
We are all consumers.

We seek insights from inside our team of experts, our client-partners, and outside inspiration. Everyone has a voice, an insight, and a vision of what’s right for the brand. Bottom-up engagement is about understanding brands where the rubber hits the road and facilitating idea building in a new way.


We make ownable tools that fuel our projects and programs and we use the stories around us to create a broader vision.


The Experience Platform is the summation of all things that makes us Touchstone. We deploy an innovative brand approach which drives consumer insights through our core principles to deliver client solutions that are distinctly Touchstone.


Each year we workshop to forecast fashion trends and consumer lifestyles in order to build relevant, retail inspired collections.


Before taking a single step, we first seek out to discover and experience your brand’s history, culture and DNA, guarding against irrelevant product execution.


We keep our finger on the pulse of fashion, trends and technology, evolving to effectively resonate with your audience.


We build aspirational lifestyle product and apparel collections that target your clients in every area of their lives, whether it be at home, work, or night life.